Thursday, December 5, 2013

Weber County Fairgrounds

5 pm –8 pm

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Welcome to the Premiere Utah Barter Network

We help our members in Utah thousands of successful trades every month. By tapping into the largest barter network in the US, you’ll be able to:

  • Connect to new customers, lower your marketing expenses and expand your market share and bottom line.
  • Save money and keep business expenses low by trading for things such as office rent, printing, advertising, office supplies, even virtual assistants and professional services such as accounting, marketing, legal.
  • Enjoy life more by purchasing cruises, resort stays, vacation packages, recreation gear, and big-kid toys.
  • Lower your household costs by trading for car maintenance, landscaping, and other common household needs.
  • There’s a lot of options when it comes to doing barter in Utah! Our clients are bartering for things they need, things their business needs, and things they want!

Tapping into our Barter network can help you save money off things you’re going to buy anyway. Things like office supplies and services, landscaping, accounting services, advertising. Chance are you can find a LOT of what you need on a daily basis by joining our marketplace.

Utah Barter

Although our network is very advanced and allows our members to find things they need very easily, Utah barter actually started quite a long time ago, when cash was harder to come by. Farmers traded crops, journeymen traded services, and many communities used barter as a major way to get things done. After people started buying a wider range of products and services, barter became more difficult. Finding and tracking dozens (or hundreds) of items you trade and figuring out who owes who would be a big time investment for most of us.
Our online directory helps expedite searching for what you need, and lets you do easily trade many items of different values. In addition, having a great trade director that goes the extra mile to help you find what you need is important. We help you find what you need, and connect you to buyers that need your services as well. Have questions? Want to get started? Contact us to get started today!